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What key issue should be addressed?

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A retail company's database of record resides at a 3rd-party company that also keeps track of purchase history. That database only updates once a day where new records can be created and merged. The database uses an "Email ID," which is a numeric field that represents both the business unit and email address. The company now wants to be able to send real-time Welcome emails to people (newly registered website users) who provide their email address in exchange for getting 10% off their first order, and ensure this send is connected to "Email ID" in the database.

What key issue should be addressed? Choose 3 answers

  • A . How will Marketing Cloud and the database sync up?
  • B . Will new users have an "Email ID"?
  • C . What will be used as the Subscriber Key?
  • D . What publication lists will be used?
  • E . Will the company need a custom preference center?

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Suggested Answer: A, B, C