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What is causing the failure?

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A NAS backup job has been configured within Veeam Backup & Replication, and is completing successfully, but restore operations have been failing for the last few days .

What is causing the failure?

  • A . The backup repository is sealed
  • B . The server was added by using an IQN alias which is unable to be resolved
  • C . The credentials added to the share are not allowed read-write access to the share, directories or files
  • D . The cache repository assigned for this file share is unavailable for restore operations

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Suggested Answer: C


If you must specify user credentials to access the shared folder, select the This share requires access credentials check box. From the Credentials drop-down list, select a credentials record for a user account that has Full Control permissions on the shared folder. To access the SMB share, you must use an account that meets either of the following requirements: If you only plan to back up the share, you can use an account with read-only permissions. If you plan not only to back up the share, but also to restore files to it, use an account with read/write permissions. https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backup/vsphere/file_share_backup_smb_share_path_credentials.html?ver=110

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