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Which solution solves these requirements?

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Universal Containers wants to use a Customer Community with Customer Community Plus licenses so their customers can track how many of containers they are renting and when they are due back. Many of their customers are global companies with complex Account hierarchies, representing various departments within the same organization. One of the requirements is that certain community users within the same Account hierarchy be able to see several departments' containers, based on a junction object that relates the Contact to the various Account records that represent the departments .

Which solution solves these requirements?

  • A . A Custom Report Type and a report Lightning Component on the Community Home Page
  • B . An Apex Trigger that creates Apex Managed Sharing records based on the junction object's relationships
  • C . A Custom List View on the junction object with filters that will show the proper records based on owner
  • D . A Visualforce page that uses a Custom Controller that specifies without sharing to expose the records

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Suggested Answer: A