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What is the optimal solution?

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Sometimes events on Salesforce need to be handled by an external system due to the scale or type of process being executed. Consider the use case of a user in Salesforce needing to get pricing for an order they are building in Salesforce while on the phone with a customer. The pricing logic already exists in a third-party system. Instead of recreating this logic in Salesforce, it will be leveraged by making a request of the third-party system. The response, in this case the pricing, will be returned and stored back in Salesforce .

What is the optimal solution?

  • A . A Visualforce page that can make a real-time Apex callout to display and save the pricing back in Salesforce
  • B . An Apex trigger that upon saving the Order will make a real-time Apex callout, saving the pricing back in Salesforce
  • C . A Process Builder process and Outbound Message to fetch the pricing upon save and store the pricing in Salesforce
  • D . An ETL tool to process batches of newly saved Orders every few minutes to store the pricing back in Salesforce

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Suggested Answer: B