The Metadata API___...
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The Metadata API___________.

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The Metadata API___________.

  • A . Is based on REST principles and is optimized for loading or deleting large sets of data. You can use it to query, queryAII, insert, update, upsert, or delete many records asynchronously by submitting batches
  • B . Provides a powerful, convenient, and simple REST-based web services interface for interacting with Salesforce. Its advantages include ease of integration and development, and it's an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and web projects
  • C . Is used to create, retrieve, update or delete records, such as accounts, leads, and custom objects, and allows you to maintain passwords, perform searches, and much more
  • D . Is used to retrieve, deploy, create, update, or delete customizations for your org. The most common use is to migrate changes from a sandbox or testing org to your production environment

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Suggested Answer: D