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What should the Database Specialist do to meet these requirements?

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A company is about to launch a new product, and test databases must be re-created from production data. The company runs its production databases on an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. A Database Specialist needs to deploy a solution to create these test databases as quickly as possible with the least amount of administrative effort.

What should the Database Specialist do to meet these requirements?

  • A . Restore a snapshot from the production cluster into test clusters
  • B . Create logical dumps of the production cluster and restore them into new test clusters
  • C . Use database cloning to create clones of the production cluster
  • D . Add an additional read replica to the production cluster and use that node for testing

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Suggested Answer: C



"Cloning an Aurora cluster is extremely useful if you want to assess the impact of changes to your database, or if you need to perform workload-intensive operations―such as exporting data or running analytical queries, or simply if you want to use a copy of your production database in a development or testing environment. You can make multiple clones of your Aurora DB cluster. You can even create additional clones from other clones, with the constraint that the clone databases must be created in the same region as the source databases.