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How can this be accomplished?

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Universal Containers has a custom assessment object used by three divisions. Each division wants to track different information on the assessments, including different values for the status picklist. Division managers do not want their teams to be able to create another division’s assessment.

How can this be accomplished?

  • A . Create additional custom assessment objects, one for each division, to track their assessments so information can be tracked separately. Use profiles to restrict access to the three custom objects.
  • B . Create separate assessment record types for each division and use them to limit picklist values. Create separate page layouts for each record type and use profiles to restrict record type access.
  • C . Create three page layouts to determine the fields and picklist values for each user based on the division indicated on their user record. Use field-level security to restrict access to each division’s fields.
  • D . Create a separate page layout for each division and assign them profiles. Use the profile setting to configure each division’s custom field list and picklist values for assessments.

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Suggested Answer: B


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