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The customer has communicated the following:

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n online retail customer needs daily promotional email content to generate with minimal time spent on creation. Their service contract includes building a custom dynamic template for this purpose.

The customer has communicated the following:

* The email content will highlight new inventory each day.

* A small team will run both their digital marketing operations and their email program.

* A user needs to build, test, and send a daily email in less than an hour.

* Images for the emails will be hosted on their website CMS.

Which question is relevant to identify strategies for designing the custom template for the customer's daily promotional email? Choose 3 answers

  • A . Will image URLs be available publicly?
  • B . How often will the layout of the content in a content area change?
  • C . What is the maximum file size of the images being used?
  • D . How often will email content be image-only with text overlaying images?
  • E . What from name will be used for these emails?

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Suggested Answer: A, B, C