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The company collects the following information:

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An entertainment company is hosting events across the country in different venues. They want to use Contact Builder to feed Journey Builder. Contacts who enter a journey will go through a decision split based on the type of event. The journey will send a series of emails and one of them will contain the venue details dynamically populated with AMPscript.

The company collects the following information:

* Customer data (email address, first name, last name….)

* Event registration (email address, event ID, event name, event type, venue ID….)

* Venue details (venue ID, venue name, venue address….)

* Payment details (email address, event ID, total paid….)

The company does NOT want to link everything in Contact Builder.

Which two data extensions should be incorporated inside Contact Builder? Choose 2 answers

  • A . Event Registration
  • B . Venue Details
  • C . Payment Details
  • D . Customer Data

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