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How should the consultant approach this requirement?

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A user in the MC wants to use salesforce custom object data for segmenting and personalization.

How should the consultant approach this requirement?

  • A . Export report data from the sales cloud and import into a marketing cloud synchronized data extension. Use a filter activity to produce a sendable data extension. Create an email send activity in Automation Studio
  • B . Sync contact and custom objects with Data Stream and send from Synchronized Data Extension with Salesforce email send. Ensure there is a lookup relationship to a contact or lead record.
  • C . Create a custom report type that contains the contact or lead ID, email address, and custom object data, then from the marketing cloud, import into a Salesforce Data extension. Use AMPScript in the email to call data
  • D . Map the custom objects to the profile center and use the email editor to insert the custom data. Create a user-initiated send to associate the email to the largest audience and return tracking data.

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Suggested Answer: C