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Which of the following should be the engineer’s GREATEST concern?

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A company is outsourcing to an MSSP that performs managed detection and response services. The MSSP requires a server to be placed inside the network as a log aggregate and allows remote access to MSSP analyst. Critical devices send logs to the log aggregator, where data is stored for 12 months locally before being archived to a multitenant cloud. The data is then sent from the log aggregate to a public IP address in the MSSP datacenter for analysis.

A security engineer is concerned about the security of the solution and notes the following.

* The critical devise send cleartext logs to the aggregator.

* The log aggregator utilize full disk encryption.

* The log aggregator sends to the analysis server via port 80.

* MSSP analysis utilize an SSL VPN with MFA to access the log aggregator remotely.

* The data is compressed and encrypted prior to being achieved in the cloud.

Which of the following should be the engineer’s GREATEST concern?

  • A . Hardware vulnerabilities introduced by the log aggregate server
  • B . Network bridging from a remote access VPN
  • C . Encryption of data in transit
  • D . Multinancy and data remnants in the cloud

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Suggested Answer: C

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