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You have an Azure subscription that contains the following resources:

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You have an Azure subscription that contains the following resources:

✑ A virtual network that has a subnet named Subnet1

✑ Two network security groups (NSGs) named NSG-VM1 and NSG-Subnet1 ✑ A virtual machine named VM1 that has the required Windows Server

configurations to allow Remote Desktop connections

NSG-Subnet1 has the default inbound security rules only.

NSG-VM1 has the default inbound security rules and the following custom inbound security rule:

✑ Priority: 100

✑ Source: Any

✑ Source port range: *

✑ Destination: *

✑ Destination port range: 3389

✑ Protocol: UDP

✑ Action: Allow

VM1 connects to Subnet1. NSG1-VM1 is associated to the network interface of VM1. NSG-Subnet1 is associated to Subnet1.

You need to be able to establish Remote Desktop connections from the internet to VM1.

Solution: You add an inbound security rule to NSG-Subnet1 and NSG-VM1 that allows connections from the internet source to the VirtualNetwork destination for port range 3389 and uses the TCP protocol.

Does this meet the goal?

  • A . Yes
  • B . No

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Suggested Answer: A


The default port for RDP is TCP port 3389. A rule to permit RDP traffic must be created automatically when you create your VM.

Note on NSG-Subnet1: Azure routes network traffic between all subnets in a virtual network, by default.




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