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What should you use?

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You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure Storage account.

You plan to create an Azure container instance named container1 that will use a Docker image namedImage1. Image1 contains a Microsoft SQL Server instance that requires persistent storage.

You need to configure a storage service for Container1.

What should you use?

  • A . Azure Files
  • B . Azure Blob storage
  • C . Azure Queue storage
  • D . Azure Table storage

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Suggested Answer: A

Explanation: Microsoft have Docker Volume Plugin for Azure file storage which provides exactly this and it is used for Azure file shares.

Azure File Storage volume plugin is not limited to ease of container migration. It also allows a file share to be shared among multiple containers (even though they are on different hosts) to collaborate on workloads, share configuration or secrets of an application running on multiple hosts. Another use case is uploading metrics and diagnostics data such as logs from applications to a file share for further processing.



Azure file shares can be used as persistent volumes for stateful containers. Containers deliver "build once, run anywhere" capabilities that enable developers to accelerate innovation. For the containers that access raw data at every start, a shared file system is required to allow these containers to access the file system no matter which instance they run on.



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