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Which action will resolve the configuration error?

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Refer to the Exhibit.

An engineer is installing a new pair of routers in a redundant configuration. When checking on the standby status of each router the engineer notices that the routers are not functioning as expected .

Which action will resolve the configuration error?

  • A . configure matching hold and delay timers
  • B . configure matching key-strings
  • C . configure matching priority values
  • D . configure unique virtual IP addresses

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Suggested Answer: B


From the output exhibit, we notice that the key-string of R1 is Cisco123! (letter C is in capital) while that of R2 is cisco123!. This causes a mismatch in the authentication so we have to fix their key-strings.

key-string [encryption-type] text-string: Configures the text string for the key. The text-string argument is alphanumeric, case-sensitive, and supports special characters.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus9000/sw/6-x/security/configuration/guide/b_Cisco_Nexus_9000_Series_NX-OS_Security_Configuration_Guide/b_Cisco_Nexus_9000_Series_NX-OS_Security_Configuration_Guide_chapter_01111.pdf


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