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Which action reduces the user impact?

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Wireless users report frequent disconnections from the wireless network. While troubleshooting a network engineer finds that after the user a disconnect, the connection re-establishes automatically without any input required. The engineer also notices these message logs.

Which action reduces the user impact?

  • A . increase the AP heartbeat timeout
  • B . increase BandSelect
  • C . enable coverage hole detection
  • D . increase the dynamic channel assignment interval

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Suggested Answer: D


These message logs inform that the radio channel has been reset (and the AP must be down briefly). With dynamic channel assignment (DCA), the radios can frequently switch from one channel to another but it also makes disruption. The default DCA interval is 10 minutes, which is matched with the time of the message logs. By increasing the DCA interval, we can reduce the number of times our users are disconnected for changing radio channels.


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