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Which configuration fixes the issue?

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Refer to the exhibit.

The Los Angeles and New York routers are receiving routes from Chicago but not from each other.

Which configuration fixes the issue?

  • A . Interface Tunnel1
    no ip split-horizon eigrp 111
  • B . Interface Tunnel1
    Ip next-hop-self elgrp 111
  • C . Interface Tunnel1
    tunnel mode Ipsec Ipv4
  • D . Interface Tunnel1
    tunnel protection ipsec profile IPSec-PROFILE

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Suggested Answer: A


In this topology, Chicago router (Hub) will receive advertisements from Los Angeles (Spoke1) router on its tunnel interface. The problem here is that it also has a connection with New York (Spoke2) on that same tunnel interface. If we don’t disable EIGRP split-horizon, then the Hub will not relay routes from Spoke1 to Spoke2 and the other way around. That is because it received those routes on interface Tunnel1 and therefore it cannot advertise back out that same interface (splithorizon rule). Therefore we must disable split-horizon on the Hub router to make sure the Spokes know about each other.


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