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Which action resolves the issue?

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Refer to the exhibit.

The network administrator configured redistribution on an ASBR to reach to all WAN networks but failed.

Which action resolves the issue?

  • A . The route map must have the keyword prefix-list to evaluate the prefix list entries
  • B . The OSPF process must have a metric when redistributing prefixes from EIGR
  • D . The route map EIGRP->OSPF must have the entry to exist in one of the three prefix lists to pass
  • E . EIGRP must redistribute the route instead of using the network statement

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Suggested Answer: A


In order to use a prefix-list in a route-map, we must use the keyword “prefix-list” in the “match”

statement. .

For example:

match ip address prefix-list WAN_PREFIXES

Without this keyword, the router will try to find an access-list with the same name instead.


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