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What solves the gaps in the graphs?

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Refer to the exhibit.

A company is evaluating multiple network management system tools. Trending graphs generated by SNMP data are returned by the NMS and appear to have multiple gaps. While troubleshooting the issue, an engineer noticed the relevant output .

What solves the gaps in the graphs?

  • A . Remove the exceed-rate command in the class map.
  • B . Remove the class map NMS from being part of control plane policing.
  • C . Configure the CIR rate to a lower value that accommodates all the NMS tools
  • D . Separate the NMS class map in multiple class maps based on the specific protocols with appropriate CoPP actions

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Suggested Answer: D


Reference: https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/resources/copp_best_practices

The class-map NMS in the exhibit did not classify traffic into specific protocols so many packets were dropped. We should create some class-map to classify the receiving traffic.

It is also a recommendation of CoPP/CPP policy:

“Developing a CPP policy starts with the classification of the control plane traffic. To that end, the control plane traffic needs to be first identified and separated into different class maps.”


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