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What are two functions of MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose two.)

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What are two functions of MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose two.)

  • A . LDP and BGP can be used for Pseudowire signaling.
  • B . It is used for transparent point-to-multipoint connectivity between Ethernet links/sites.
  • C . BGP is used for signaling customer VPNv4 routes between PE nodes.
  • D . A packet with node segment ID is forwarded along with shortest path to destination.
  • E . Customer traffic is encapsulated in a VPN label when it is forwarded in MPLS network.

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Suggested Answer: C,E


MPLS Layer-3 VPNs provide IP connectivity among CE sites* MPLS VPNs enable full-mesh, hub-andspoke, and hybrid IP connectivity* CE sites connect to the MPLS network via IP peering across PE-CE links* MPLS Layer-3 VPNs are implemented via VRFs on PE edge nodes* VRFs providing customer routing and forwarding segmentation* BGP used for signaling customer VPN (VPNv4) routes between PE nodes* To ensure traffic separation, customer traffic is encapsulated in an additional VPN label when forwarded in MPLS network* Key applications are layer-3 business VPN services, enterprise network segmentation, and segmented layer-3 Data Center access

Reference: https://www.ciscolive.com/c/dam/r/ciscolive/us/docs/2018/pdf/BRKMPL-1100.pdf


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