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permit tcp host 2018:DB1: A: B::1 host 2018:DB1:A:C::

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Refer to the exhibit.

Gateway-Router# show ipv6 access-list

IPv6 access list Default_Access

permit tcp host 2018:DB1: A: B::1 host 2018:DB1:A:C::1 eq www sequence 10

deny tcp any host 2018:DB1: A:C::1 eq telnet sequence 20

permit tcp host 2018:DB1: A: B::2 host 2018:DB1:A:C::1 eq telnet sequence 30

permit ipv6 2018:DB1: A: B::/64 any sequence 40

PC-2 failed to establish a Telnet connection to the terminal server .

Which configuration resolves the issue?

  • A . Gateway-Router(config)#ipv6 access-list Default Access
    Gateway-Router(config-ipv6-acl)#permit tcp host 2018:DB1:A:B::2 host 2018:DB1:A:C::1 eq telnet
  • B . Gateway-Router(config)#ipv6 access-list Default Access
    Gateway-Router(config-ipv6-acl)#no sequence 20
    Gateway-Router(config-ipv6-acl)#sequence 5 permit tcp host 2018:DB1:A:B::2 host 2018:DB1:A:C::1 eq telnet
  • C . Gateway-Router(config)#fipv6 access-list Default Access
    Gateway-Router(confia-ipv6-acl)#sequence 25 permit tcp host 2018:DB1:A:B:2 host 2018:DB1:A:
  • D . :1 eq telnet
  • E . Gateway-Router(config)#ipv6 access-list Default Access
    Gateway-Router(config-ipv6-acl)#sequence 15 permit tcp host 2018:DB1:A:B::2 host 2018:DB1:A:
  • F . :1 eq telnet

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Suggested Answer: D


In fact in this question both answer A and answer C are correct but we believe answer A is the better choice as it only allows PC-2 to telnet to terminal server. All other hosts are refused to telnet to terminal server via sequence 20.


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